Foodstho NV
Ondernemingenstraat 7
8630 Veurne


Foodstho | Your one stop solution for ready meals
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Frozen ready meals
and meal components


Who we are?

Foodstho was founded in 2017 by Thomas and Stephane, two brother-in-law’s and young entrepreneurs with the ambition to deliver qualitative, innovative and convenient food products to the consumers.


We have a strong believe that people make the difference and by giving them autonomy and trust they are happier and deliver better results. We were able to build a strong team that contribute daily to the satisfaction of our customers and the future of Foodstho.

About us

What we offer

Food Quality & Safety

At Foodstho, we have a strong focus on food quality and safety.


Food Quality is in our DNA and we therefore source our ingredients from accredited suppliers which also invest in sustainability. Moreover, we strongly believe in the value of organic food and hope to be able to produce mainly organic products in the future.


We aim to work according to the highest food safety standards. We quickly obtained our IFS certification and are in process of getting our BRC certification for mid-2019. Besides that, we have GlobalGAP, MSC, ASC, Halal and organic accreditation. More than certification, we always strive to implement best practices and seek to continuously improve our food safety and quality systems.

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Our products & capabilities

a wide range of products

One of the Foodstho’ strengths is its flexibility combined with various capabilities in a well-balanced factory size. This enable us to offer a wide range of products to our customers in one single place.

To further develop this strength, and in line with our philosophy, we are always interested to increase our range of relevant production tools for the development of new products with long term partners.

Our Ready meals