Foodstho NV
Ondernemingenstraat 7
8630 Veurne


Foodstho | about
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Who we are?



Foodstho was founded in 2017 by Thomas and Stephane, two brother-in-law’s and young entrepreneurs with the ambition to deliver qualitative, innovative and convenient food products to the consumers.

We have a strong believe that people make the difference and by giving them autonomy and trust they are happier and deliver better results. We were able to build a strong team that contribute daily to the satisfaction of our customers and the future of Foodstho.

Our vision

qualitative frozen ready meals

Together with our team, we want to be a worldwide player in qualitative frozen ready meals and food components, whilst improving the health of our consumers and protecting the environment.


We are convinced that frozen food is part of the solution to address current challenges in the food industry. Frozen food allows us to preserve vitamins and nutrients in our products while offering solutions to reduce food waste and avoid the use of conservation additive. We believe consumers no longer want to be deceived by the food they buy and we want to show that frozen processed food can be as good as home-made meals by using the most natural ingredients. Through this, we hope to have a positive impact on the health of our consumers and add convenience to their lives.


We always have the environment and the future of our planet on our mind and aim to reduce our impact on the environment by offering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions and by maximising the use of green energy in our production facility. Moreover, by focussing on frozen food we can already reduce food waste.

Our facility

automatization and flexibility

In our production factory based in Veurne (north of Belgium), we produce frozen and fresh (pasteurized) qualitative ready meals and meals components for Belgian and international customers in the retail, industry and foodservice market. 


Our facility of 5000m² is ideally located to deliver products in Western Europe, and is close to the seaports of Antwerp and Calais which enables us to supply our overseas customers in a sustainable and  cost-efficient way.


Our factory was fully renovated in 2014 to offer high quality standards. Keys elements of our factory are automatization and flexibility. We offer a wide variety of production processes to our clients, ranging from simple assembly process to more complex processes such as slow cocking under pressure.