Foodstho NV
Ondernemingenstraat 7
8630 Veurne


Foodstho | Our products & capabilities
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Our products & capabilities

Frozen or chilled ready meals

One of the Foodstho’ strengths is its flexibility combined with various capabilities in a well-balanced factory size. This enable us to offer a wide range of products to our customers in one single place.


To further develop this strength, and in line with our philosophy, we are always interested to increase our range of relevant production tools for the development of new products with long term partners.

Frozen or
chilled ready meals

Currently our focus is on frozen and chilled ready meals. In the frozen range we offer a large assortment of products in trays, bags, vacuum bags and skinpack. On the chilled side we work mainly with pasteurized or sterilized products in bags or trays.


Our products come either from our existing recipes or from new R&D project launched in collaboration with our customers.



Although we mainly work directly with our retail or FoodService customers, we also offer co-packing services in our factory to other industrial companies who want to make use of the flexibility and many capabilities of our factory.

Fresh from Frozen


Innovation is central in our products and capabilities, through this we have gain unique knowledge and capabilities to produce “fresh from frozen” products, allowing us to offer convenience and long shelf live to our customers. These products can be shipped frozen, and later on thawed in the point of sale without any compromise on food safety or quality.

For further information about our products and capabilities feel free to contact us to discuss your project or requirements.