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8630 Veurne


Foodstho | What we offer
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What we offer

Food Quality & Safety

What we offer

Food Quality & Safety

At Foodstho, we have a strong focus on food quality and safety.

Food Quality is in our DNA and we therefore source our ingredients from accredited suppliers which also invest in sustainability. Moreover, we strongly believe in the value of organic food and hope to be able to produce mainly organic products in the future.

We aim to work according to the highest food safety standards. We quickly obtained our IFS certification and are in process of getting our BRC certification for mid-2019. Besides that, we have GlobalGAP, MSC, ASC, Halal and organic accreditation. More than certification, we always strive to implement best practices and seek to continuously improve our food safety and quality systems.



One of the first areas we developed when founding Foodstho was the R&D team and since the start innovation has always been one of our core competences.


Together with our customers or internally, we develop products that meet consumer’s requirements and respond to the latest food trends.



Convenience is one of our key values, as we want to offer convenient products to the end-consumer but we also want to offer a convenient experience to our partners and customers when working together.


We want to make life easy for all our stakeholders, by being the most convenient partner to work with and offering best-in-class customer service and flexibility to our customers.



Sustainability is a major concern for us. We always have the environment and the future of our planet on our mind and aim to reduce our impact on the environment by offering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions and by maximising the use of green energy in our production facility.


Moreover, we are convinced that frozen food is part of the solution to address current challenges in the food industry. Frozen food allows us to reduce food waste and avoid the use of conservation additive.


Finally, we aim to source all our ingredients from accredited suppliers who share our ambition for a more sustainable environment and a greener future for our planet.